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available for purchase from our floor.
 Please contact us for special pricing and availability.

9537 Bohemia Chandelier

H-39" W-38"

A72000 STK Chandelier

H34" W-40"

CH116 Chandelier Gold

H-33" W-28"

9534 Odessa Chandelierr

H-37" W-37"

3361 Lantern with glass

H-30" W-14"

CH9963 Amber Fruit Chandelier

H-25" W-22"

CHC-1446AN Normandy Chandelier

H-25" W-34"

9645 Tosca Chandelier

H-19" W-19"

CH60565 Chandelier w/ Shades

H-21" W-16"

4295 Crystal Chandelier

H-44" W-33"

Alexandra Chandelier

CHC 1523GI-CG H-36" W-32 3/4"

3907 Chandelier w/ Shade

H-23" W-24"

9556 Isabella Chandelier

H-28" W-19"

00806 Fruit Chandelier

H-26" W-20"

CHD Marie Mirror Chandelier

H-33" W-31"

9555 Green Crystal Chandelier

H-26" W-18"

Isabella chandelier

9556 H-27" Dia.-20"

5L 9642 Naples Chandelier

H-14" W-18"

9650 Eugenia Chandelier

H-26" W-16"

ARN5001 BSL Hampton Pendant

H-8" W-19"

CH60523 Lg Floral Lantern

H-27" W-20"

CHO-5033AB Sussex Lantern

H-35" W-17"

TOB HAB5010 8 Light Chandelier

H-27" W-26"


2721 Deep bronze finish H-16" .

3906 Crystal Chandelier

H-46" W-32"

9045 Grayson Lantern

H-20" W-14"

BBL5023BZ-S Westport Chandelier

H-39" W-18"

Mansion Chandelier

9324 Wrought iron/wood H-44" Dia.-48"

CHD Flower Bowl Chandelier

H-25" W-26"

00807 Fruit Chandelier

H-31" W-27"

3336 Cole Glass Rod Pendant

H-17" W-8"

Serens Chandelier

9194 H-32" DIA.-23"

9630 Silkwood Lantern

H-30" W-16"

9468 Fergus Lantern

H-29" W-15"

CHC2164 Darlana Small Lantern

H-18 1/2" W-13"

S425H Easton Chandelier

H-48" D-33" W-31"

SCFBC-216 Lafayette Clear Pendent

H-28" W-16"

9325 La Le Bella Chandelier

H-35" W-30"

Preston Chandelier

LRL-5005-GI H-25" DIA.-32"

9473 Athena Lantern

H-32" W-18"


H-45" W-29"

Chandler Large Chandelier

TOB 5111 BSL NPH H-21" W-47"

01192 Monkey Chandelier

H-32" W-29"

9866 CH8E Silver Leaf

H-40" W-31"

Caged small Lantern

H-16" D-16" SC 5159 HAB

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